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International Conference. Opus Imperfectum in Matthaeum. The Text in Its Contexts

Wann: Donnerstag 19.10.2023 09:15 - Samstag 21.10.2023 12:30
Typ: Journée d'études
Ort: UniFr, salle MIS 08, Espace Güggi (salle 0101)

Opus Imperfectum in Matthaeum. The Text in Its Contexts. International Conference.

University of Fribourg, October 19-21, 2023

A prominent, yet largely understudied example of Patristic exegesis is the anonymous Opus Imperfectum in Matthaeum, the most elaborate commentary on the first Gospel composed in Latin sometime during the first half of the 5th century. Despite its “Arian” features, this treatise was falsely attributed to John Chrysostom and, because of its exegetical quality, continued to be held in the highest esteem for centuries. Since September 2020, the first part of the Opus imperfectum, i.e. Prologue plus Commentaries (formerly Homilies) 1–22 (on Matt 1:1-8:10), has been subject of a Swiss National Science Foundation project undertaken by an international research group based at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland, and directed by Franz Mali and Joop van Banning.
Aiming at a deepened understanding of the complexities posed by this important work, on a textual as well as on a contextual level, the conference will approach the following aspects:
  • Paleography, textual criticism and earliest reception
  • Quellenforschung with attention to both canonical and non-canonical sources
  • Exegetical and literary traditions with a focus on the Gospel of Matthew
  • Historical theology concerned with “Arianism” at its later stages, in particular in the 5th century
  • History of Late Antiquity with a special focus on the north-eastern border regions of the Late Roman Empire

Information: Prof. Franz Mali (franz.mali@unifr.ch)